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The Cambridge Counsellor

Learning the various skills and attributes required to be a counsellor can change your life, career and relationships.

There uses are endless and don’t simply apply to those seeking to become a fully qualified counsellor.

The Cambridge Counsellor Training Courses

That’s the reason we set up The Cambridge Counsellor Training Academy.

We believed as well as enabling people to gain an insight into the world of counselling, and for some, taking the first steps towards qualifying as one, we could take the skills required and teach them to people in other areas that would benefit from such valuable training.

Counselling Courses Cambridge

Offering you various training options, from Introduction to Counselling courses to Effective Listening and Communication workshops, if you are looking to expand your own skills set, to enhance either your staff’s or your own communication skills or are considering a career as a counsellor, we have the right course for you.

We are very proud of our courses, having deliberately designed them to be different to the norm. We provide a unique learning experience that is based around our intention to offer creative, relaxed and enjoyable training.

We facilitate training for numerous organisations in East Anglia and tailor every course to their individual requirements.

Management Training Cambridge

We provide courses that develop:

Personal and professional growth.

Skills that can be used to help others with a variety of issues.

Confidence in personal and professional relationships.

A sense of achievement and personal satisfaction.

The ability to understand the nature of human beings – Feelings, thoughts and processes.

Skills that enable you to get the most out of those around you.

TCC Training Academy

If you would like to book a place on a forthcoming course, to arrange some training for your organisation or simply to discuss how we can help you or your organisation achieve your goals, feel free to contact us.

Counsellor Training Cambridge