A Letter from a Wife to a Husband and Vice Versa.

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Dear Husband

I love you with all my heart, you’re a wonderful husband, an amazing father to our son and I know how lucky I am that we have such a lovely life together but there are a few small changes that would make our marriage even better.

We’ve been married for a while now and you know me so well but it would be nice if you could do the little jobs I need doing around the house without me having to ask you to.

When I leave the hoover out it is because the floors need hoovering and I haven’t had time, I’ve not placed it in the middle of the lounge because I thought it would make a nice addition to the room.

I know you think we have an endless supply of clean plates but we don’t, they have to be loaded into the dishwasher and then when they’ve been washed they have to be taken out again. Stacking them on top doesn’t equate to helping.

Putting your washing in the linen basket doesn’t mean it magically cleans itself. Once in a while it would be lovely if you actually went to the basket yourself and did some washing and while we’re on the subject following on from our row last year when I threatened to divorce you, black socks do not go in with white towels!!

If you could just do these few things it would make things run just a little more smoothly.

I know you love football but just because there’s a “big” game on doesn’t mean that the world stops, unfortunately things still happen and every so often that means you are going to have to miss a match to go to a wedding or similar. If this could happen without us arguing for a week beforehand it would be great. Let’s be clear here the example we are talking about was YOUR brother’s wedding and not only that, I know your team is your religion but this was two teams you don’t even support playing.

Whilst we are on the subject of football, complaining about how much I spend on clothes is a bit rich when twice a year you waste a small fortune on football kits for you and James. He’s three years old, you are not going to turn him into a professional footballer just because you buy him a kit.

I don’t mean this to sound like a list of complaints but lastly there is one thing that drives me really mad. I accept you find multi-tasking difficult but if it is the case, as you assure me it is, that you can’t do two things at once, it seems unlikely you listen to me fully and watch the television at the same time. I know you think you’re listening and you would say that you’re giving me your full attention but when I ask an opinion the correct answer isn’t “hmm yes dear”. I’m not saying you can never watch TV but if you could listen to me properly when I’m telling you about my day I’d really love it.

These things would just make life that bit better and I’m sure if you do them once in a while you can fully expect to be rewarded.

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Dear Wife

I love you too.

Telepathy is not a skill I was born with! If you want the hovering done all you have to do is ask. Leaving me clues around the place may be fun if I was on the Krypton Factor but I don’t walk around the house looking at things and trying to guess the hidden meaning behind them. If you can explain to me  about all the jobs I haven’t done, wouldn’t it be easier to tell me what you want doing in the first place.

Can’t we just get rid of the plates and get disposable ones, it would make life a lot easier and would save on all that effort filling and emptying the dishwasher.

After our almighty row last year about washing, you said I mixed the colours up so I haven’t dared do it again since, it is only because I don’t want to upset you love. Why it matters so much if black socks go in with white towels I don’t understand, they’re only towels, why does it matter what colour they are, grey ones dry you just as well as they did when they were white!

Football is football regardless of whether it is my team playing. When you watch reality programmes about people you don’t like I don’t complain so can we leave the football alone please and my brother knew all along if he got married on a Saturday I wouldn’t be able to go. Also James loves his football kits, it’s not money wasted it’s an investment in his future.

Hmm yes dear, what was that, oh yes list of complaints. I’ll do my best to listen to you more but if there’s any way I could get through a whole episode of CSI without being asked a question or told about your best friend’s problems that would be really great.

Rewards though, that sounds great.

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3 thoughts on “A Letter from a Wife to a Husband and Vice Versa.”

  1. …and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why open communication is so important (within a marriage).

  2. Couldn’t be more real if you tried, I’ve made the socks and towels mistake so many times I do everything I can to avoid ever touching the washing.

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